From folk to classical, jazz to country swing, Jan LeClair divides her time playing and performing solo and as a frequent collaborator with other musicians. Jan is a sought after guest with choral groups, bands, dramatic productions, and in-studio work.

Jan reunites with former members of Swamp Ward Orchestra at Birdbone Theatre's Song House Cabaret, January 2024. Photo by Josh Lyon.

Jan LeClair began studying accordion at age 5, adding piano to her studies at age 7, but was encouraged to focus solely on piano full time at 13. Rebirthing the accordion several decades later, Jan hasn't looked back. "I pulled that gorgeous vintage beauty out of its velvet case, and in short order I was playing in a Klezmer country swing band."

Based in Kingston, Ontario and hailing originally from Southeastern Ontario, Jan has been a performance musician for much of her life. While most of her performance experience has been in duos, trios, and larger bands, her more recent work has been solo. An experienced festival player, highlights include the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Summerfolk (Owen Sound), Folk on the Rocks (Yellowknife), Alianait (Iqualuit), Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Festival Chants de Vielles, and Kingston's own Skeleton Park Music Festival. Jan is a frequent collaborator with other musicians, choral groups, and theatrical productions.

Jan’s solo accordion work has deep traditional roots. Drawing primarily from England, northern Europe, eastern Europe, France, and Italy, you will also hear cross over stylings from classical and jazz realms. Deeply personal, often dreamy, and highly emotive soundscapes, most pieces begin with a story. Bathed in sound, listeners are drawn to create their own images. Jan performs on a Pigini Preludio 72 bass and a vintage 120 bass Titano.

To listen to some of Jan's solo and group work, visit Jan's Music page. To learn about Jan's current collaborations, visit Chanter La Pomme and RasberryJAN

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